Client reviews

Save the Rhino Walking Safari
LizR – June 2019
In June 2019, I was lucky enough to travel with Nature Travel Namibia on their Save the Rhino walking safari. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and excellent in every way hence the 5 star review. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more.

Nick, our leader, was professional, hugely knowledgable, fun and passionate about Namibia and its wildlife and he had a great back up team who took care of the driving and all the camp arrangements. Seeing rhinos up close when you are out walking was amazing and tracking them was both exciting and a little nerve-wracking! We saw at first hand the wonderful work which is being done on rhino conservation in Namibia. Take a tour with Nature Travel Namibia and I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time.

North East India
Glen from Ohio – March 2019
Dear adventuresome birders, I have finished a 13 day birding tour with Nature Travel Birding. The organization of the administrative details by personal guide Nick Buys exceeded expectations. The tour to NE India was jam packed with opportunity.

My personal exposure to a 5 hour drive through construction dust overwhelmed my 68 year old lungs. Nick and the other participants tolerated my slowing up the pace magnanimously. The elevation at 6,500 + was revealing that my “wind” endurance was less than the demand. Yet, I saw or heard no complaints from the leader, extra guides nor the two couples with us. I am grateful for their kindness.

I’m taking time in this review to drive a very positive point. This group was professional, courteous and kind with determination to help me enjoy the tour. After six nights of coughing harshly I was driven five hours to a hospital. Antibiotics were prescribed and I spent two days resting with one of the extra tour assistants who waited for me to make a decision to return. I elected to return to finish the last four nights of the tour. I will add that my hearing handicap had me continuously asking for names to be repeated. I had become a high-maintenance participant.

To the point: sometimes an experience can go wrong during a tour. You would like to know that your guide has your safety as the priority, that you will be taken care of in a professional, caring manner. Nick Buys was thorough and efficient in this endeavor. Thank you sir.
I strongly recommend this company’s services.

Judy K and Family – 2018
After travelling with Nature Travel Namibia a few times, we decided to join their sister company Nature Travel Expeditions to India on their Big Cats of India tour. This was a truly amazing experience, we were very well looked after and seeing these animals have been on our bucket list for a long time! Thank you to Nick and his team for an outstanding trip!
Philip S Hawson – 2018
You often hear people talking about the most wonderful places they have ever been, or saying their holiday to a certain place was the best ever, and so forth. I always laughed at them, knowing that the holiday I had planned would top all holidays that had come before! I decided to use Nature Travel Expeditions to make this happen.
I am a nature lover that also enjoys photography and history, so the country of Peru in South America seemed perfect. It exceeded every single expectation I had! Despite having read books and articles and social media commentary on how wonderful the country was, I had no idea how much this place would make me feel at home in such a short time. The combination of incredible scenery (coastlines, high Andes mountains, Amazonia), the rich history of the country and its people and monuments, and the sheer dazzling diversity of fauna and flora overwhelmed me around every corner.
I got to fulfil so many dreams I had on this trip – my first hummingbird sighting (the ridiculously beautiful Purple-collared Woodstar), as well as seeing my first New Seven Wonders of the World (the breathtaking Machu Picchu citadel) were particular highlights. This specific trip was a 2 week long one, but I could have stayed for a year!
The accommodation was excellent, the food simply world class (even in the middle of nowhere in Amazonia) and the people of the country so friendly and open, despite my poor Spanish!
I am so happy that I chose Nature Travel Expeditions to take me on my dream holiday. The team answered every (of the many and probably stupid!) questions I had before the trip quickly and effficiently, then arranged every single detail of the trip perfectly and sent an excellent guide along for the trip. I now consider him a friend, and hope to see him on another trip sometime in the future. I received a very professional welcome pack with a detailed itinerary when I met the guide and could even order some classy merchandise from them to forever remind me of the incredible time I had in Peru. I can highly recommend Nature Travel Expeditions for any bucket list trip you might have in mind! I can’t wait for my next one!