About us

Nature Travel Expeditions is part of the Nature Travel group of companies, specialising in safaris and wildlife experiences all over the world. With many years of safari knowledge and a passion for nature, our team has created an incredible list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for you to choose from.

A“bucket list” is defined as a number of goals, dreams, aspirations or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. If it has anything to do with nature, wildlife, sightseeing, then this is what we want to help you with at Nature Travel Expeditions. Come join us and open your eyes to what is out there!

To get more information or customise your own expedition, get in touch with our team at info@naturetravelexpeditions.com

Our sister companies: 
Nature Travel Namibia:
Specialised Namibia private and small group safaris.
Nature Travel Africa:
Specialising in group and private safaris throughout Africa.
Nature Travel Birding:
Specialising in tailor-made private and small group birding tours across the globe.
Nature Travel Active:
Ensuring your body stays as healthy as your mind and spirit while you are on your next safari.
Namibia Vet Safaris:
Gives you a chance to take a behind the scenes look at conservation efforts and the veterinary wildlife field in Namibia.
Nature Travel Conservation:
Be part of conserving nature and its wildlife for the generations to come after us.
Nature Travel Kruger:
Specialising in group and private safaris to the Kruger National Park.
Nature Travel Wildlife Conservation & Veterinary Trust:
The Trust plays an active role in wildlife conservation in Namibia and Africa, by providing veterinary services and assisting with veterinary related expenses for injured wildlife and emergency translocation of wildlife species.